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Christian Monuments

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Most of the old churches are found at Qasr Al-Sham (Castle of the Beacon) on the ruins of the Roman Fortress of Babylon in Old Cairo.

Al-Mu'allaqah (The Hanging Church)

Church of Abu Sargah (Church of St Serguis)

Dedicated to Serguis and Bacchus, the two martyrs who died at the beginning of the 4th century, this basilica church was built in the early 5th century over the cave where the Holy Family stayed. The nave is flanked by two aisles. In the East sanctuary there are three altars and the South wall shows priceless icons. The cave and its well attract many visitors.

Al-Mu Allaqah (The Hanging Church of the Virgin)

Built in the 5th century, this basilica was so called because it rests on top of the Southern Gate of the Fortress of Babylon. Inside there is an open court, bordered by two wings and a corridor seperated by marble pillars. It has three haykals (altars) on the East and a marble pulpit with a beautiful terrace. A number of magnificent icons may be found on the south wall.

Church of Al Adra (Church of the Virgin)

A basilica, built in the 8th century, it has three haykals (altars), wooden aisles inlaid with ivory and a number of rare icons.

Church of St. Barbara (Sitt Barbarah)

Built in the 5th century to commemorate the memory of a Christian martyr, it lies in the East



section of the Fortress. It is of basilica design, with finely decorated aisles. Rebuilt in the 10th century it has retained its wooden door which constitutes an example of fine art.

Church of Marie Girgis (Church of St George)

This church stands on the ruins of an ancient church. It is of basilica design, with three domes and a hall known as the Hall of nuptials dating to the 13th century.

Greek Orthodox Church of Marie Girgis

Built on one of the towers of the Fortress, it is round in structure with a domed roof.

Greek Orthodox Church of Mari Girgis

Church of St Menas

Located at Fumm Al-Khalig (mouth of the canal) near Old Cairo, the church was built in the 6th century and named after St Menas, one of the most benevolent Saints of the Coptic Church.

Church of the Virgin in Zaytoun

It is to some extent newly built and is visited by thousands who seek the Virgin's blessings especially after the Apparition of the Virgin above one of its domes.

Coptic Cathedral of St Mark

Newly built in the district of Abbassia, it is the largest cathedral in Africa and is considered a unique example of architectural evolution. The remains of St Mark, the Evangelist, were transferred to the Cathedral since he was the first to preach Christianity in Egypt.

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